Mike’s Maze opens in Sunderland for the fall season next week

They're celebrating the 40th anniversary of NASA's Voyager missions to space

SUNDERLAND, Mass. (WWLP)- Every fall, Warner Farm in Sunderland transforms their corn field into a maze.

Their maze this year reads “Greeting’s from Earth: the Pale Blue Dot”. They’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of NASA’s Voyager missions to space.

“It’s a cool concept, earth to space postcard, the way they have it laid out,” said Christine Graves of Sunderland. “It’s just so intricate the way they do it now, cutting it into the field.”

Mike’s hires “Precision Mazes” to cut the cornfield, using GPS technology. It takes them one day to cut the design, which took a lot longer in the past.

“We tried all kinds of crazy things, with a lawnmower, trying to chop it off, but corn likes growing back, so it would sometimes come back in two weeks and it would start growing again,” said Mike Wissemann, Owner of Warner Farm.

When you walk through the maze this year you”ll come across trivia questions related to this year’s space theme. The Creative Team at Mike Maze’s comes up with the design of the maze each year.

“It’s so much more than just a corn maze. We pack a whole curriculum into the maze every year and we like to teach people in a new, exciting, and unique way, something we are passionate about,” said Jess Wissemann, Mike’s Maze Creative Team Designer.

Wissemann told 22News they also will games and activities, and “sputnik blasters” where you’ll be able to shoot potatoes at targets.
There’ll be prizes for the winners.

Mike’s Maze opens for the season, Saturday September 9th.