Girl driven to school in police car, for collecting police cards

Northampton police offering same privilege for others who collect all 50 cards

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Pokemon, Magic cards, sports trading cards- kids love collecting! So, would they like collecting cards featuring their local police officers? It’s something that the Northampton Police Department has put into place.

Children that collect some cards can get a water bottle. Those who collect all 50 cards can either get a collectable coin, or a ride to school in a police car!

That was the choice of Dreya Sawka. She was the first one to collect all of the cards, and for her first day back at the Bridge Street School, she was given a police escort.

“She was weeks ahead of anyone else. She was here all the time. She opted to ride to school, so yesterday, six cruisers went over to her residence and dropped her off at the Bridge Street School,” explained Northampton Police Capt. John Cartledge.

Northampton Police say that they will do the same thing for the first 10 other children to collect the cards.

How do you get them? Check Facebook for where you can get their card of the week. You can also head down to the police department and ask for the cards you need, or ask an officer during one of their meet-and-greet community policing initiatives.