Pittsfield volunteer working to help Houston residents

Monetary donations are desperately needed, and are preferred

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The number of people seeking shelter from Texas floodwaters continues to rise, and more volunteers are headed to the flood-ravaged state to help.

A Berkshire County man has been in Houston since before the storm hit, helping deliver goods to residents who lost everything to the hurricane.

Pittsfield resident Dan Amuso has spent nearly a week in Texas, driving through flooded streets, delivering goods to shelters.

“Your GPS is telling you to turn left onto a highway, you do it, and two miles down it’s underwater,” Amuso told 22News. “It has it’s challenges, but we got everything that I was sent out to deliver, it took a lot longer than it should have, but we never had any goods left on the truck so we always got the job done.”

More volunteers are arriving in Texas every day. They’re helping find shelter, food, and delivering goods to people devastated by the hurricane.

Donations and volunteers needed for relief from Hurricane Harvey’s devastation

There are 42 Red Cross volunteers from Massachusetts helping on the ground in Texas. For those at home who want to help, the organization has ways you can donate your time online.

“We’ve been working with virtual volunteering since the end of 2012, and we’re working to continue that,” Jen Garutti of Red Cross of western Massachusetts told 22News. “They’re going onto the internet and going into our platform and helping with case work and clients.”

The Red Cross of western Massachusetts said help is always needed locally while on-site volunteers help families rebuild after disasters like these.

“Sitting down and asking what do you need? What can we do? And the looks changes from utter despair to at least a partial smile and a thank you,” Amuso said.

Monetary donations are desperately needed, and are preferred. The local Red Cross is not shipping supplies.