Kitten hitches a ride from Mass. to Conn. under hood of car

(CNN) — Talk about having the eye of the tiger, a little kitten hitchhiked to Connecticut.

The trip was more than 100 miles. The stowaway has a new home.

“Stunned! I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it,” said Paul Zine, the driver.

Paul Zine is still scratching his head and staring under his hood, trying to figure out how a 4-month-old stray kitten would end up a stow-away.

“You’ve got to figure that, 105 miles at highway speed. That little thing was in my engine compartment,” he said.

That’s right, the kitten who was probably seeking the heat of the engine the night before traveled all the way from Natick to Wallingford, Connecticut.

Zine had no idea the cat was there until he arrived at his relative’s Toyota dealership to get an oil change.

“The service manager comes out to me and says to me, “do you have a cat?” and I said, “no, I don’t have a cat.” He says “does your neighbor have a cat?” then I was confused. I said, “Nah, I don’t know, I don’t know, Why?” he said.

It turns out that when the service technician opened the hood, a cat jumped out.

“That’s probably where she was.”

Technician James Hastings says that front corner is exactly where he found the kitten.

“I didn’t now if it was alive or not then its head and it looked at me,” Hastings says. He found the kitten.

“We ended up spending a good 20 minutes chasing the cat around the shop before we were able to get hold of him,” he said.

Hastings didn’t want the cat to wind up in a shelter so he took him to the vet then he took him home.

Zine says he named the cat Tacoma. Tacoma as in the Toyota’s toughest truck.

While Zine is more of a dog person, he’s so relieved this little guy had enough lives to hitch himself to Connecticut and a real home.

“It was a miracle. It really was a miracle,” Zine said.