Big hornet’s nest worries apartment residents

Landlord said that they will have problem dealt-with

Image sent to 22News via Report It.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A big hornet’s nest at an apartment building in Westfield is causing quite a buzz among the tenants.

The building at 35 Pochassic Street is home to several families with children. It is also now home to dozens of stinging insects.

Dozens of possibly white-faced hornets have set up a nest on the overhang of a second-floor apartment, right next to a window.

22News saw these hornets buzzing around, going in and out of the nest and flying all around the front of the brick apartment building.

22News was alerted to this safety concern through a viewer by using our Report It feature.

“The big concern is that they are very aggressive, and when they sting you, they don’t sting you just once; they repeatedly sting you. I have some people I know who live there, and I’m worried about them,” Irene Lansing of Westfield said.

22News was able to obtain the landlord’s phone number. We called them, and were told that it is the first time that they had heard of the nest. They told 22News that they would send over someone immediately to address the problem.

August and September are the months when we see the most hornet stings, because this is when the colony most feels the need to defend itself.