Superintendent has 3-year-plan to stop race issue at Easthampton H.S.

The 3-year plan will improve the culture and the climate at the school

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Easthampton is rolling out a 3-year plan to stop hate in their community, after several racial incidents at the High School.  

On Thursday night, the schools superintendent unveiled a 10 point action plan for addressing bias, bullying and harassment in schools.

“Easthampton needed to be, and they now are, proactive in addressing this,” said Bill Diehl, Executive Director for Educational Services in Northampton.

Easthampton is taking corrective measures to combat hate, after several racially charged situations, took place at the high school. The superintendent worked with the Attorney General’s Office, the Anti-Defamation League and the Collaborative of Education Services to create the 10 point plan.  

“I think the goal of it was to really surface what was going and what people’s perception of what was going on,” Diehl added. “In order to use that data, basically, to help the district develop some plans for moving forward.”  

Collaborative of Education Services conducted a study, which included 14 forums and 287 surveys from students, parents, faculty, and administrators on issues ranging from racism to sexism.

The 10-point action plan includes training administrators, which has already started, on how to address race related situations. Parents, staff and students will also be trained.

“We need to stop talking about racism and just focus on education and teaching the young ones, like, how to be good citizens,” Diehl told 22News.

The 3-year plan will improve the culture and the climate, starting in Pre-K all the way through high school. The district will also conduct an annual audit of discipline records and continue to monitor the culture and climate in schools.

The district has also been working with the AG’s office to finalize an agreement for preventing and responding to bias-related incidents.