Ruff Rescue: Puppy found in backpack

Florida man shocked to find backpack containing live puppy left in the back of his pickup truck.

(WFLA/NBC News) A puppy is on the mend and waiting for a new home after an unusual rescue. It started when Jerry Murray got home from work and noticed a backpack in the bed of his pickup truck.

Inside the bag was a live puppy, surrounded by shredded newspaper.

“He’s in there, he’s panting, and I see him and I’m like ‘what am I going to do?'” Murray said.

Being a dog owner himself, Murray immediately gave the canine lots of compassion.

“I gave him some water, gave him some food and let him relax a little bit, ’cause I’m sure he was traumatized from the ride,” he said.

But with three dogs of his own, this veteran knew a fourth would be a bit too much.

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