Protecting yourself and money after winning the lottery

It's also important to think of your personal safety as well

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Although the $400 million Powerball prize only goes to one person, the winnings are something everyone wants a part of.

Jackpot winners can face a lot of stress after they win millions but there are resources to help them protect themselves and their money.

Winning the powerball can cause you to go from a regular person to one of the most sought after people in the area.

Stephen Duval, a private Wealth Advisor told 22News that it’s important to not rush into any decisions and to keep a tight circle with people you trust to keep yourself safe financially.

“As far as keeping yourself safe, again that’s where it gets down to working with trusted advisors and trusted family to make the right decisions in a timely manner but not a rushed manner,” Duval said.

It’s also important to think of your personal safety as well.

Powerball jackpot winner looking forward to retirement

Chicopee police told 22News that they are making patrols and extra checks on Mavis Wanczyk’s house.

“Someone that just came into this huge fortune, you don’t want people checking around her house or keeping an eye on things, watching her, writing down times she comes and goes, that’s the big thing we’re there to keep the bad people away and just keep it peaceful and calm for her,” said Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk.

Chicopee police told 22News they have been in contact with Wanczyk’s neighbors.

They recommend that if you see any suspicious activity in the area to call Chicopee police as soon as possible.