Patriots vs. Lions pre-season preview

(WWLP) – Patriots pre-season football continues tonight right here on 22News. The Patriots take on the Detroit Lions at 7PM.

Are you ready for some football tonight??

It’s the Patriots on the road in Detroit against the Lions in their third game of the preseason. The defending Super Bowl Champions have an 0-2 record so far after losing to the Houston Texans last Saturday. But usually by the third game of the pre-season preparation gets turned up a notch.

We are just under two weeks away from the start of the regular season, which is Thursday September 7th when they host the Kansas City Chiefs in Foxboro.

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady talked about what the goals are for tonight against the Lions.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots Quarterback :”Obviously, the preparation is different than a regular season game because you’re still really in training camp, but you’re trying to go out there and perform the best you can. But, you’re preparing at different levels. You want to play great, and you’ve got to put [in] Everything you can mentally and physically into it”

The Patriots have one pre-season game left after tonight, next Thursday at home against the Giants. But tonight right here on 22News it’s the Lions in Detroit with the kick off at 7PM.