Move-in day for students at Western New England University

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Western New England University in Springfield is the place hundreds of new freshman will call home.

It’s an exhausting day, but a day filled with optimism and excitement. Friday was all about settling in.

It was time to dust off the books, check in, find your dorm, unload the car, meet the roommate, get a lay of the land and then, take a rest.

The students will learn a lot over the next 4 years. Not all of it academic. They’ll learn about friendship and how to be independent and about school traditions like painting the rock and riding the Golden Bear.

It was a day of nerves for some and excitement for others.

“I was up at 8:00AM because I was way too excited to be here. I am thrilled to be coming. It’s a big change for me even though I’ll be commuting but it’s a whole new level of excitement in my life,” said incoming WNE Freshman Jocelyn DeFranco of Chicopee.

Excitement also surrounds the construction of the school’s new dining common. Whether its engineering, law, pharmacy or something else. Whatever the focus — there’s a lot to explore. Take it from the Seniors in the yellow shirts.

“Explore what the University has to offer. There so many different things that you can get involved with and go to so just make the most out of it and make as many friends as possible,” explained Senior Peer Adviser Amy Thompson.

For parents, today brought a feeling of pride.

“It’s a proud moment, an emotional moment. Seeing her grow from a baby and now she’s in college. And it happens very quick,” said Dennis Coleman of Springfield.

Western New England University has just over 2,500 undergraduates and a 14-1 student to staff ratio. They have 125 scholarship programs to help students finance their education.