Lottery win still the buzz in Chicopee

53 year old Mavis Wanczyk won $758.7 million off of a powerball ticket she bought.

Single winner steps forward to claim $758.7 million Powerball jackpot.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) –  Thursday’s big jackpot win is still the buzz around Chicopee today.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to win from Chicopee, Mass. and yesterday was the day”, says Chicopee resident Sharon Marino.

Business is returning to normal at the Pride Gas Station on Montgomery Street with one exception. They’re now known nationwide for selling the biggest single Powerball jackpot ticket in history.

Customers at Pride are still shocked that it happened right there. Brett James lives right around the corner. “Literally right up the street that somebody hit for that much and was the only person to hit for that amount and it’s just unbelievable”, he says.

Right down the road at the Lucky Strike restaurant in Chicopee, Thursday’s big lottery win was all anyone could talk about.

“I was so thrilled”, says Sharon Marino. “When I rode by the Pride Store I just got the jitters because I was so happy for that lady.”

Other people at the restaurant and the Pride Station told 22News they still can’t believe this happened right in their hometown.

Both NBC News and CBS NY were still at the gas station this morning, but after they left, the commotion died down.

53 year old Mavis Wanczyk came forward on Thursday afternoon as the winner. She decided to take home the lump sum which will be around $336 million after taxes.

Chicopee police are patrolling outside of Wanczyk’s home to make sure that she’s safe from harm now that the public knows who she is.

People are still excited that the Powerball ticket was sold in Chicopee.