Government shutdown mixed messages

(NBC News) – President Donald Trump continues to personally attack republicans and the GOP leadership while the White House says they can still work with congress.

There are mixed messages coming publicly and privately from the administration.

No doubt the Republican Party has strained relationships.

President Donald Trump seems to have picked a fight with his own party. “This new administration in Washington, and this Congress, is interested in getting America growing again.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky

President trump personally attacked senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tweeting “after hearing repeal and replace for seven years. He failed. That should never happen.”

The President publicly criticized both republican senators from Arizona at a rally this week.

Still his spokeswoman downplays a rift within the Republican Party. “I think the relationships are fine. Certainly there are going to be some policy differences.” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

“I mean the President is going to need these senators to help him with important agenda items,” said Rep Charlie Dent, (R) Pennsylvania.”

One looming deadline will be avoiding a government shutdown.

The President has tied the debate to building his promised wall along the Mexican border. “Believe me. If we have to close our government. We’re building that wall.” President Donald Trump

“We need to solve our problems and keep our government functioning as it should.” Senator Bob Corker/ (R) Tennessee

“We will pass legislation to make sure we pay our debts. We will not hit the debt ceiling. We will do this before the debt ceiling, said House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin

A promise congress will have until the end of September to fulfill.

White House sources say the President is serious about shutting down the government, but would consider a short term solution of funding the government for three to four months without wall money… then having that battle another day.