Cop convoy caught speeding

Nine members of Florida's Lakeland Police Department's K9 team have been suspended for speeding up to 101 mph when traveling home from a competition.

(WFLA/NBC News) Nine members of Florida’s Lakeland Police Department K9 team have been suspended for speeding whilen traveling home from a competition.

According to documents released by the police department, members of the K9 Unit traveled to Santa Rosa County to compete in the United States Police Canine Association Regional Field Trials on February 23, 2017.

On March 3, eight of the nine officers drove in a caravan back to Lakeland. That night, Lakeland Chief of Police Larry Giddens received a phone call from Emery Gainey, who works at the Florida attorney general’s office.

Gainey said that he was on Interstate 10 and saw Chevy Tahoes that had the Lakeland Police Department insignia and the K9 lettering driving in a “caravan” type configuration at a speed in excess of 80 mph.

An investigation later revealed the caravan had reached speeds of 101 miles per hour, and that officers had disabled their in-car camera systems to prevent recordings of their travels.

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