Animal hoarding case discovered in Hampden County

A home with too many dogs in Hampden County is putting a spotlight on animal hoarding

(Animal Rescue League of Boston)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A home with too many dogs in Hampden County is putting a spotlight on animal hoarding.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston told 22News about a case of animal hoarding in Hampden County. 25 dogs, mostly elderly, needed grooming and medical care.

The Rescue League won’t say where it was or who was involved because no criminal charges will be filed.

The people cooperated and tried to care for the animals, but simply became overwhelmed.

“A lot of the cases, people don’t intend to do that. They just get overwhelmed after a while trying to save animals and trying to be a part of their lives and pretty soon they can’t afford what they have or the animals are making babies,” explained Bev Henrichsen of West Whately.

80 animals removed from hoarding situations in western, eastern Massachusetts

The Dakin Humane Society in Springfield has animals from all backgrounds up for adoption. Even though Dakin doesn’t directly intervene in hoarding cases, they collaborate with other area agencies and shelter to take in sake of the animals who need care. From there they are either adopted or put in a foster home.

“We at Dakin are very happy to collaborate with them which we do a lot and helping to re-situate the animals. We work with them as collaborators and we are happy for it,” said Lee Chambers, Dakin’s Marketing & Communications Manager.

Meenakshi Upadhaya is a Dakin Foster Parent. She told 22News the importance of shelters.

“We need more center like Dakin who actually have the facilities, the people and the infrastructure to handle a situation like that.”

Hoarding is classified as a mental illness. People hoard all types of things from trash, to antiques, to books and even animals.

If you suspect someone may need help dealing with animal hoarding, contact the Animal Rescue League of Boston or the Dakin Humane Society.