Amherst residents concerned by unleashed dogs in public areas

Dogs on the premises of Puffer’s Pond must be leashed at all times

Photo submitted via Report It

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – If you own a dog and live in Massachusetts, there are some important rules you need to follow; one of them being keeping you dog on a leash.

It’s summer, and for many people that means being care free. But residents say that shouldn’t apply when it comes to your responsibility as a dog owner.

Pictures of an unleashed dog at Puffer’s Pond in Amherst were sent to 22News from a concerned resident.

Massachusetts state law requires that people have their dogs on a leash when off of their properties, especially in public places like parks.

Photo submitted via Report It

Dogs on the premises of Puffer’s Pond must be leashed at all times.

Jay Levin from Hadley brings his young son to the pond, and said it’s about safety and being prepared for an encounter with a loose dog.

“We want him to be safe,” Levin said. “We’d probably make sure that we had our son by our side, or in our arms, so that we knew that he was safe.”

David Leith from Amherst told 22News, “People without their dogs on the leash it can be problem at times. It’s just easier for everybody if they just follow the rules.”

The town of Amherst’s official website says that dogs are also not permitted in the water or on the south beach at Puffer Pond.

Dogs are permitted on the north beach before 10 a.m., and after 6 p.m.

You can find complete rules and regulations for Amherst conservation areas, including Puffer’s Pond, here.