Woman charged with child abuse after allegedly driving drunk with toddler

Dash cam video shows driver swerving across the street

Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN / WPEC) – Newly-released dash cam video shows the arrest of a woman who was driving erratically with a toddler inside her vehicle.

A Palm Beach County, Florida police cruiser’s dash cam shows a car swerve across the street. When the deputy catches up to the driver, sirens blare and the woman pulls over.

The deputy talks to the driver, Brandy Lerma, for nearly 20 minutes. Backup arrives, and a toddler is taken out of the car.

Then comes the sobriety test. First, the deputy asks Lerma to follow his pen with her eyes, but she can’t stand still and stumbles to the side. Next, she’s instructed to walk down a white line, which she fails to do.

Lerma is cuffed and put in the back seat of a police car. Then things get worse. She begins to scream “I’ll kill you” at the deputy.

But, there is one thing she does care about. She cries, “Who is picking up my child?”

Lerma is also being charged with child abuse.

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