“Annabelle: Creation”

A Look at the Movies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Horror films these days have so little imagination. “Annabelle: Creation” is the typical mix of demonic possession and creaking doors slamming shut that scares no one except the actors, paid to be petrified on cue.

“Annabelle’s” the devil doll who along with the evil spirit of a dead child brings havoc to a haunted house, converted into a girl’s school.

They immediately know something’s not quite right. As the disabled child getting in the way of all the tasteless, demonic foolishness, Talitha Bateman is on screen most of the time.

Her dialogue comprised of screaming, ranging from loud to muffled. The other girls soon learn it’s better to cower in the darkness than try to make any sense of what’s going on.

Horror have sort of stagnated , haven’t come very far since “The Exorcist” almost 45 years ago. What I’m saying is , there’[s nothing about “Annabelle: Creation” you haven’t seen too many times before. Much of the movie is so outrageously silly, you’ll wonder what possessed you to waste an evening along with the price of a ticket?

You get the feeling even the actors are ready to rise up in disgust at the quality of the material given them. As one of the young actors blurts out “We shouldn’t be here” I’m surprised no one in the audience stood up and replied “neither should we be in the company of this dreadful rehash”.

You paid for thrills and chills, instead you cringe at the warmed over cliché’s. “Annabelle: Creation” creaks all over, earning itself a dismal 1 star. It’s a film strictly for fans possessed by the urge to waste time and money.

Rated R

1 hour 35 minutes

Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto, Talitha Bateman