Animals find new homes at Dakin Humane Society “Clear the Shelters” event

50 animals have found new homes

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Dakin Humane Society took part in the third annual nationwide “Clear the Shelters” pet adoption drive.

Although this is the event’s third year, it’s the first year that Dakin has taken part in it.

Dakin Executive Director Carmine Dicenso told 22News, “Every day of the year there are thousands of animals in are shelters throughout the country looking for homes. Everything from dogs and cats to parakeets and guinea pigs just waiting for a new home, and people don’t always realize adoption is an option.”

Dakin offered 50% off adoption fees for small animals and select adult cats. But no matter the size of the animal, the goal remained the same.

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Shawn Perron of Holland told 22News, “I’m looking for one that’s really comfortable with the other two cats that I have, and I said I’m gonna come down to this place. I just found one, a black one, she’s seven years old, perfect. She’s gonna fit right in I think.”

Although the animals are well taken care of at Dakin Humane Society, one employee says there’s no place like home.

Marketing and Communications Director Lee Chambers told 22News, “You’re right, we do take good care of them here, and we’re proud of the quality of care our volunteers and staff offer, but this isn’t a home. It’s not the same as a cat who could be lying on a bed or looking at a window. We just want them to have homes.”

Clear the Shelters has come to a close and 52 animals have found new homes.