Mayor Sarno implementing social media policy for city employees

Sarno says public servants and officials must earn the trust and respect of the community

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno issued an executive order Friday, implementing a social media policy for all city employees.

The mayor did not specify exactly what the policy states, but he said city employees should have no question as to what is, and what is not appropriate to post on social media. The city previously did not have a specific social media policy.

Sarno says in a release sent to 22News, that all public servants and public officials should be held to a higher standard in order to continue to earn the trust and respect of the community.

Springfield police officer being investigated for alleged Facebook comment

The mayor said signing this executive order should clear up any confusion about what should and should not be posted.

“If recent, well-publicized social media issues with a select few on our Springfield Fire and Police Departments does not sound an alarm of insensitive and unacceptable behavior or what is professional conduct and protocol, whether on or off duty, then my Executive Order will reaffirm it,” Sarno said. “I’m putting everyone on notice – again!”

This order comes just days after the city’s police department began investigating a Springfield police officer who allegedly made an insensitive comment on Facebook about the deadly attack in Charlottesville.

“The affirmation of mutual respect is the key ingredient here,” Sarno said.

Mayor Sarno told 22news public officials and public servants should be held to a higher level. “There’s no rhyme or reason for these insensitive remarks and or behavior in society, let alone in the Springfield police department and about a month ago with the Springfield fire department.”

In June a district fire chief posted an “insensitive” Facebook message, comparing the contract’s residency clause to the welfare system.

The mayor warned that city employees who act insensitively or unprofessionally on social media, “will face appropriate disciplinary actions all the way up to termination if necessary.”