Farm in Sunderland unveils space-themed corn-field maze

Mike's Maze in Sunderland opens September 9

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Warner Farm in Sunderland is celebrating the 40th anniversary of NASA’s “Voyager” missions to space.

The theme for the farms annual corn-field maze, known as “Mike’s Maze,” is centered around the search for extraterrestrial life and new planets. The design reads, “Greetings from Earth, the pale blue dot,” and they say you can read it from space.

David and Jess Wissemann, part of the creative team at Mike’s Maze, come up with a new idea for the maze every year and spend the whole year planning it.

“The goal is to make the maze secretly educational, so nobody realizes that they are learning so we try to make it really quirky, whimsical, and fun,” said Wissemann.

Visitors to the maze will have access to giant slides, a jump pad, and can fire potato cannons dubbed “spud-nik blasters.” There will also be trivia and other interactive space-themed games.

Past themes of the maze have included “Alice and Sunderland,” Albert Einstein, and musician Louis Armstrong.

Mike’s Maze opens September 9.