Police look to educate drivers on dangers of railroad crossings

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Damon Road is one of Northampton’s busiest streets. And complicating the traffic situation are the train tracks which cross Damon Road.

Northampton Police told 22News that they see people stop on the tracks while waiting for the traffic light to turn green on Damon Road. This is dangerous, as well as illegal.

That’s why the Northampton Police and Fire Departments teamed up with the Federal Railroad Administration to provide life-saving advice about crossing train tracks.

“If you happen to be in an area and the train is coming vacate that area,” Northampton Police Sgt. Corey Robinson told 22News. “Try not to race the train. Trains come thru here pretty quick.”

Police urge drivers to use common sense: keep a safe distance from the tracks, obey all traffic signs and be aware of your surroundings.

On Thursday afternoon, police will be handing out informational pamphlets about the do’s and don’ts of driving through railroad crossings and over train tracks.

Rail Safety Fact Sheet