How skiers train in the summer

PARK CITY, Utah (Nexstar) – Practice makes perfect. We’ve all heard that phrase before! Well, the U.S. Ski Team has to practice before the upcoming Olympics. But it’s Summer. So how do the athletes train without snow?

The U.S. Ski Team did quite well at the Sochi Olmpics in 2014. 12 medals, five gold.

“In the end of the summer here we’re doing the exact jumps that we’ll be doing hopefully for a gold medal jump at the Olympics.” Mac Bohonnon/2014 Olympian

In other words, no snow? No problem. Not in Park City, Utah anyway. In Summer, the athletes use water instead.

“We still work on our landings here and looking at the ground and making sure you’re prepping for that landing…This facility is huge for us. It’s the best offseason training you can get.” Ashley Caldwell/Two-time Olympian (2010, 2014), World Champion

“There are a few very similar ones. One in Canada, one in Switzerland, a few hidden in China, places like that. But at this level, definitely not.” Jon Lillis/World Champion aerialist

Part of Utah Olympic Park, it was built in the early 1990’s and used during the 2002 Olympics hosted by Salt Lake City. The biggest question, what’s it like to land in water?

“Some people kind of forget that water really isn’t that soft…especially when you’re coming down from 60 feet in the air.” Mac Bohonnon/2014 Olympian

“The bubbles definitely help aerate the pool and soften that landing for you. But at the end of the day I definitely get sore. Your ankles and your back. But no pain no gain, right?” Ashley Caldwell/Two-time Olympian (2010, 2014), World Champion

Utah Olympic Park is hosting the U.S. Olympic team trials for ski jumping and nordic combined… in December, with snow on the ground.