Protesters topple confederate statue

Demonstrators tear down Confederate Soldiers Monument in Durham, North Carolina, calling the statue a symbol of oppression and racism.

(WRAL) A group of protesters in Durham, North Carolina toppled a Confederate monument Monday evening.

Protesters chose to gather near the courthouse for a reason, calling the Confederate Soldiers Monument a symbol of oppression and racism.

Several used a ladder to reach the top of statue, which had been sprayed with cooking spray by authorities to make it more difficult to climb, and it was pulled down with a strap.

“To call attention to how many states in the south still have these Confederate monuments, these symbols that are emboldening and giving strength to the Nazis and the KKK,” said demonstrator Qasima Wideman.

Wideman said symbols like the Confederate statue feel like a personal attack.

“The state is at war with me and with people like me,” Wideman said. “Seeing the events this weekend made me feel like this is really a war.”

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