Westfield International Airshow celebrates a century of flight

The show displayed aircraft from World War II to modern day

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Aircraft old and new were on display at the International Air Show Saturday.

This year’s show celebrates a century of airpower in combat, by displaying aircraft from World War II all the way through to modern day.

John Baker, of Pelham, said of one of the aircraft “I was a little kid when they flew these aircraft carriers over Japan, so I remember very well. It’s a little bit of the history of recent aviation. I love all aspects of it”.

The planes on display included one aircraft that flew in the D-Day invasion during World War II. People said with planes from every period, the air show had something for everyone.

Joel Russel of Old Chatham, New York, said “They have a little bit of everything. They have the newest, and some of the oldest. There’s a big difference obviously in size and performance, but they all do the same thing throughout history. Again it’s just nice to see the old and new”.

Some of the older aircraft on display gave veterans the opportunity to look at the aircraft they flew themselves.

Larry Bella, who served in Japan, said “I worked on a K-C 135, I use to fly with it over in Okinawa. Brings back memories of my service days and everything I was proud to serve, and glad to be in the Air Force”.

Other planes on display included the WWII aircraft the P-40 warhawk and B-25 Mitchell bomber. The Westfield Air Show will feature more flights and festivities Sunday morning.