Pollen counts are low, but will rise soon

Rain helps to wash the pollen out of the air

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – If you haven’t been blowing your nose or sniffling as much Saturday, that’s because pollen counts are down. 22News explains why pollen counts are down and when higher pollen counts will return.

We have seen a lot of rain this summer, but for allergy sufferers, the rain has brought relief for them. Rain helps wash the pollen out of the air and bring pollen counts down.

Friday, pollen levels were high in western Massachusetts, but after heavy rain pushed through early Saturday, morning pollen counts went down.

The main allergens in western Massachusetts which cause issues for allergy sufferers are ragweed and different types of grasses.

22News talked with one resident who said the rain helps her feel better altogether. Francis Paine, from Northampton told 22News, she feels more refreshed and rejuvenated after it rains.

Enjoy this break, because high pollen levels will be returning by Sunday and especially towards the middle of next week. Pollen levels usually return when the heat and dry weather return, as well.

Some tips for making yourself feel better from your allergies would be changing your clothes when you come back inside, so you don’t bring the pollen in with you, and also showering to get the pollen off of your body and out of your hair. You can also keep the windows closed and air conditioner on to reduce the pollen in your house.