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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – For almost an hour and a half, “Kidnap’s” entire running time, Halle Berry puts on a heart-wrenching display of anguished histrionics while chasing the rednecks who kidnapped her child.

There’s no point punching holes in the script or listing the plot contrivances, of which there are many, because all that really matters is the emotional impact of Berry’s gut-grabbing performance.

“Kidnap” doesn’t waste any time hitting the road for the nearly non-stop, heart pounding thriller slapped with an R-rating for violence and peril…now that’s a new one.

As the frantic mom, Berry keeps her hyper-performance as feverish as possible. Never mind that the script rushes through elements of plot development as if it were running a red light. What would five more minutes of explanation have done to the budget?

What’s only important is keeping our blood pressure soaring. Halle Berry’s on screen almost every minute of this nerve wracking suspense thriller.

Don’t be expecting any subtlety in the writing or directing. “Kidnap” is designed to appeal to your emotions, not your intellect.

Giving your emotions such a high powered workout, “kidnap” races to a perspiration-filled 3 stars. Halle Berry takes us on a wild ride that keeps us on edge most of the way…

Rated R

1 hour 25 minutes

Halle Berry