Indian Burial Ground lawsuit dismissed

SHUTESBURY, Mass. (WWLP) – A proposed solar farm project in Shutesbury can move forward. Federal Judge Mark Mastroianni dismissed a lawsuit on Friday, attempting to get the land studied by their own archaeologist to determine if it could have been an Indian burial ground.

Attorney Michael Pill of Green, Miles, Lipton, LLP. in Northampton told 22News there was “no merit to this case and the court recognized it.”

Pill represented the land owners, Cowl’s Inc. Those landowners leased about 30 acres of forest to a developer to put up a solar farm. The town of Shutesbury in turn would receive $1,000,000 over 20 years.

Two archaeologists, one paid by the developer, another by the town believe these are from tree throws or when trees fall down.

The plaintiffs, Rolf-Cachet Schilling and James Schilling-Cachet  believe the mounds are similar to Indian Burial sites found in other parts of the country and wanted an independent archaeologist to study them.

Attorney Pill said there are a few more paperwork issues that need to be addressed before shovels can go in the ground for the solar farm, although a building permit has already been issued.