Handcuffed suspects steal police cruiser

Dashcam video shows two handcuffed suspects speed away in a Utah Highway Patrol cruiser after crashing their own car, leading police on a chase that topped 133 miles per hour.

(KSL) Newly released dashcam video shows parts of a high-speed chase on the Utah Salt Flats from the point of view of a woman who police say stole a Highway Patrol car while in handcuffs.

Brandy Willes and passenger Tommy Rodriguez, also in handcuffs, sped into the desert, topping out at 133 mph before running from police on foot on July 30.

The pair traveled about three miles before the attempted getaway ended with the help of a police helicopter.

“He didn’t even notice,” someone inside the police car is heard saying as it sped by the trooper who was checking on bystanders after cuffing the pair he believed had crashed a stolen Mazda.

The two fled in the trooper’s patrol car after wriggling through the handcuffs that originally were behind their backs. The officer followed them with the help of “good Samaritan” bystanders who loaned him their maroon Ford F-350 pickup, UHP trooper Evan Kirby said.

Police say Willes managed to turn off the trooper’s dashboard camera, but the camera turned back on after the patrol car passed 100 mph.

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