Pet of the Week: Mystic the ferret

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Mystic, a 4-year-old ferret. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Mystic and about other events going on at Dakin.

Mystic the Ferret
Location: Springfield: Dakin Humane Society
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years

Mystic came to Dakin recently because his person had to move and Mystic couldn’t go to the new home. His person tells us that Mystic is litter box trained, is very laid back, calm, content and also playful in his moments! Mystic is bound to be a terrific new companion. Come see him at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center.

Basic facts about ferrets:
Their habitat should be cleaned about once a week (also, bedding changed once a week), with litter box cleaning daily
A well-balanced ferret diet consists of high quality ferret food, chlorine-free filtered water
Limit amounts of ferret treats!
Ferrets need a large, multi-tiered wire-sided habitat with good ventilation, a secure door and a solid floor. Openings between the wires should be small enough to be escape-proof
They love to have hammocks to sleep in
Toys and a hiding box are a must for their habitat to keep them happy and stimulated

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News/Other Events

Clear the Shelters! – “Small” Pet adoption fees are half off for one day – Saturday, August 19 at both Dakin Adoption Centers in Springfield and Leverett
Dakin is proud to partner with WWLP-TV and NBC Universal to promote “Clear the Shelters” on Saturday, August 19. To celebrate this effort to find shelter pets a home, we will be reducing the adoption fees for our “small” animals by 50%! Small animals include rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, ferrets and birds (based on availability). Check this page from our website to see a constantly updated listing of the pets available at both locations:!/

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