Tobacco farmers in Pioneer Valley experience growing demand

Farmers say production is up 20 percent over last year

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Local tobacco farmers say that tobacco crops were almost in extinction, but have recently made a huge turn around.

They told 22News that tobacco sales are never guaranteed and it is often hard to negotiate with buyers, resulting in a decline in production.

But these days, there is a huge demand for the product.

“The demand for dark-wrapped cigars is very strong right now,” David Mokrzecki, a fourth generation tobacco farmer told 22News. “Production in the whole river valley is up 20 percent this year.”

Mokrzecki told 22News that the Conneticut River Valley’s unique, humid weather in the summer months is what helps production grow so much around the area.

He also said that the market has become very receptive recently, which shows promise for the future of this crop throughout the Pioneer Valley.