Owner continues to fight for dog’s life after decision to euthanize

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – On Tuesday night, 22News shared a story about the South Hadley’s Select Board’s decision to euthanize a dog named “Ziggy” after an alleged attack.

Ziggy had been a topic of discussion at a dangerous dog hearing in the past. Now, the board said on Tuesday night that the owner had failed to follow the restrictions they ordered a year ago.

South Hadley selectmen orders dog to be put down after alleged attack

22News spoke with Jacob McCarty from The Good Dog Spot in Chicopee.

McCarty told 22News that some dogs are more aggressive than others, but the behavior can usually be managed.

“Positive reinforcements can encourage better behavior but I don’t think you can train instinctual aggression out of a dog,” McCarty said. “I think it can be managed by a responsible pet owner, but I don’t think it can be trained away.”

Ziggy’s owner told 22News that she is going to continue to fight to keep Ziggy alive.

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