Over 10,000 honey bees found working on one tree in Ludlow

The closer you get to the tree the louder the humming is

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Its a story you have to see to believe. 22News visited a house in Ludlow that has more than 10,000 honey bees working on one tree.

The sound these honey bees make gets louder, the closer you get to the tree. And they’ve been working all summer long.

Its your typical shrub and tree-filled yard. But there’s one tree that’s creating a buzz in this Ludlow neighborhood. More than 10-thousand honey bees are working the flowers on this “Bee Bee Tree.” The closer you get, the louder the buzz.

Jeff Rys started beekeeping when he was a teenager. The Bee Bee Tree is attractive to honey bees. He told 22News, “It was here for 13 years and I must have gotten a male plant and it never flowered and than finally one year I had a couple little flowers and than more and now its doing really well.”

The “Bee Bee Tree” produces flowers that have the nectar bees really love. The nectar is produced from early to mid August. Not many flowers bloom in hot weather, but Jeff told 22News the rain we’ve gotten this summer has really helped the flowers bloom. Bringing out more bees this summer than he has ever seen before.

Honey bees will not sting you if they are foraging but if you go near the bee hive they will sting because they are protecting their hive, and once they sting you they die

Jeff keeps the Bee Bee Tree close to his bee hives so the bees don’t have to travel too far to find the nectar.

Jeff said honey bees are female worker bees that have stingers. Male bees are called “drones,” and cannot sting you.