Mom goes viral for celebrating first day of school

(WTNH) – A mother of three was ready to celebrate Monday when her kids finally went back to school.

Jena Willingham’s Facebook post went viral after she uploaded a photo of herself relaxing in a pool with a drink in her hand, as her kids (11-year-old Wrangler, 7-year-old Emmy, and 4-year-old Sykes) looked on enviously.

Willingham’s captioned the photo ” Happy First Day of School everyone!”

“My kids have been driving me crazy with their fighting over chargers and iPads all summer. I kept telling them I was going to have a pool day all by myself when they went to school because it’s the first time in 11 years I won’t have a kid home. I was counting down to school, I deserve a break!” the Alabama mom told 

So far she has gotten over 6,000 likes and over 16,000 shares.