10 arrested during Massachusetts gas pipeline protest

SANDISFIELD, Mass. (AP) — Ten people have been arrested on trespassing charges during a protest at a natural gas pipeline project in western Massachusetts.

State police say demonstrators blocked roads in the work area in Sandisfield on Wednesday. Police say the two groups refused to leave.

Demonstrators are protesting an easement that allows the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. to widen its right of way through Otis State Forest. The federally approved project extends existing pipeline infrastructure in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut, adding 4 miles of new underground pipeline in Massachusetts.

More than 20 people have been arrested at the work area since the spring, including 98-year-old Frances Crowe, a well-known peace and environmental activist.

Wednesday’s demonstrators are expected to be released from custody and ordered to appear in court at a later date.

Arrested for trespassing:

  1. IRVINE SOBLEMAN, 67, of Northampton
  2. ELLEN M. GRAVES, 76, of West Springfield
  3. PATRICIA P. WIELAND, 73, of Northampton
  4. HARRIET A. NESTEL, 78, of Athol
  5. AMANDA L. NASH, 58, of Gloucester
  6. ERIK W. BURCROFF, 57, of Plainfield
  7. PRISCILLA LYNCH, 65, of Conway
  8. MARY E. KEHLER, 70, of Colrain
  9. BONNER J. McALLISTER, 68, of Monterey
  10. SHERRILL HOGEN, 78, of Charlemont

98 year-old activist remains defiant after arraignment

A Northampton woman arrested during a pipeline protest in Berkshire County says she’s fighting “for the future of life on the planet.”