Toll booth demolition project to finish in November

The project is ahead of schedule between exits 3 and 8 on the Mass Pike.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)-  The end is near for the Massachusetts Turnpike toll booth construction project. By November 30, the construction between exits 3 in Westfield through 8 in Palmer on the Mass Pike will be done.

After that date, the only thing left to finish is cleanup and landscaping, which does not hold up traffic.

“I thought it’d be done already”, says Chet Bobala of Chicopee. “I thought it’d be done before the summer, but that’s construction. There’s so much construction all over the place that you really don’t know what’s going on.”

22news discovered that the project is actually ahead of schedule. This week at exit 5 in Chicopee, construction crews will be milling and paving. Paving doesn’t start at exit 8 in Palmer until this Monday August 14.

And at exit 7 in Ludlow, crews will getting ready for a full excavation of the pavement before they replace it. Exits 3 and 4 are already done. There will be more work starting at exit 6 in two weeks.
Though it’s taking over a year to finish, drivers told 22news there’s less traffic now than when the toll booths were up.

“I think it’s better”, says Jack Crowley of Chicopee. “You can zip through faster now without having to wait for someone to take your money or a speed pass is good too. But as far as construction goes, it’s a bit of a pain but you know we gotta get through it all.

Mass DOT spokesperson, Patrick Marvin, told 22news they fully expect the projects to finish on schedule.