South Hadley selectmen order dog to be put down after alleged attack

It’s not clear if the dog actually bit anyone

Ziggy the Saint Bernard is seen here in this photo sent to 22News.

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The South Hadley Select Board on Tuesday night ordered that a two-year-old dog be euthanized after an alleged attack, but it is not clear whether the dog actually bit anyone.

The select board voted to have the Saint Bernard named “Ziggy” euthanized. The vote came following a recommendation from the town’s animal control officer after an attack back in May.

April Marion had two Saint Bernards at the time, one of whom bit an elderly resident, though it is not clear which dog bit him.

Marion told 22News that she already put down Ziggy’s mom, “Tiara,” because she was the more aggressive of the two dogs, but she will continue to fight to save Ziggy’s life.

“I think that euthanizing Ziggy is just extremely unrealistic, it’s unnecessary, this is our family member,” Marion said.

Marion went before the board for a dangerous dog hearing last year.

The animal control officer said the two Saint Bernards chased a mail carrier, and one of the dogs bit a jogger.

Last year, the board voted unanimously to keep the dogs fenced-in, ordered them muzzled and leashed on walks, and required Marion to purchase a $100,000 insurance policy to cover dog bites.

After two more incidents earlier this year, Marion was called in for a second dangerous dog hearing, where the Board of Health recommended that Ziggy be put down.

The chairman said the board reluctantly made this ruling.

“If anything, you want to take action against the owner who clearly was not following the restrictions that were placed a year ago,” said John Hine, Vice Chair of the South Hadley Select Board. “Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do regarding the owner, and we have to address the situation of a dog that could hurt or injure residents in the area.”

April told 22News she is going to fight the board’s decision.