Search & Rescue dog shot

Associated Press

Bloodhound being trained for service as a search and rescue dog targeted in owner's yard.

(WAVE) Police in Georgetown, Indiana are searching for the person that shot a young bloodhound in her trainer’s yard.

The Mantilla family owns River City Bloodhounds and trains bloodhounds to perform search and rescues.

“To think that somebody in our community could hurt a dog that gives so much back,” Michelle Mantilla said.

Mantilla and her husband found their two-year-old bloodhound, Maize, shot in their back yard. Maize is months away from being certified as a “live found” dog, looking for lost or endangered people.

“These dogs are able to go and search for that individual and help find them for their family,” Mantilla said.

Mantilla says she normally lets her dogs roam the gated area of her yard but Sunday’s shooting has stolen her sense of security.

“If someone can be that brazen to come through in the middle of the morning and shot your dog while you’re home and everybody is out in the neighborhood, who is to say they wouldn’t shoot somebody else,” Mantilla said.

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