KKK newspaper delivered to Belchertown residents

Belchertown police looking into the incident

Belchertown residents were concerned when they found copies of the KKK's official newspaper "The Crusader" in their mailboxes.

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Belchertown residents woke up Saturday to “The Crusader”, a newsletter published by the KKK.

“The Crusader” describes itself as the premier voice of the white resistance.

“Some of it is alarming because you get the impression that they are more organized than I would have thought,” said Shannon Synan of Belchertown.

Headlines in the issue include “White America Wins This Round” and “White Resistance Radio”. Papers were delivered to homes on Dana Hill and Prescott Hill Road.

Belchertown residents found this newspaper on the street in front of their homes Saturday morning. After finding it, they made sure to report it to the police. Belchertown Police told 22News some residents found them in their mailboxes. Many of them were alerted about the newspapers on the neighborhood’s Facebook page.

“People are aware of what is going on in the area and I don’t know of anyone who ascribes to those beliefs and principles,” said Allan Majka of Belchertown.

Residents said they remembered this newspaper being delivered in the neighborhood in 2008 after Barack Obama’s election. The Belchertown Police are investigating the matter.

If you have any information, Belchertown Police would like to hear from you.