Farmer’s Market Week: Supporting Local Farmers

Farmer's Market Week started August 6th and will continue through August 12th

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Governor Baker declared this “Massachusetts Farmers Market Week.” 22News is working for you with what local means here in western Massachusetts.

Several people I spoke with today said they would rather have local produce, and that they can taste the difference.

“Massachusetts Farmer’s Market Week” started Sunday. Governor Baker wants to celebrate and support local farmer’s markets, family farms, and local food production. And he’s not the only one. The community likes to celebrate local everyday.

Jack Fitzgerald, from Springfield, told 22News, “I think its very important to support them, I always try and do it everywhere I go.”

22News talked with Four Rex Farm in Hadley who said local produce brings more than just a better taste. Ray Rex, Four Rex Farms, told 22News, “It involves everyone in the community. Its grown locally, its not driven from far away, you get more people in the community involved, and all the money stays here and I think its a very important thing.”

Being a local farmer is not always easy, you’re not always guaranteed the weather you need each season but it is worth it.

Rex also told 22News, “I think so its not just a way to make a living its a way of life, I have all my families around the farm and my grandchildren, my kids and its worth it everyday.”

Rex gets to know people better by being a local grower and the community gets to know him and who is behind growing the food they eat.