From muggy to refreshing, local residents take advantage of fall-like air

Low humidity and cooler temperatures

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After the first half of the weekend started soggy and muggy we made up for it Sunday, weather and temperature wise.

Western Massachusetts loved Sunday after heavy rain moved through Saturday. It seems like a pattern western Massachusetts is seeing more and more this summer. Summer storms that bring torrential downpours which has brought outdoor activities to a halt.

Joe Ceberla, from West Springfield, told 22News, “Downpours are really crazy it rained only in West Springfield the other day and the rest of New England was dry so that was a little brutal.”

Just Saturday, localized downpours brought close to an inch of rain in places like Chicopee and up to three inches in Granby.

Golf courses like East Mountain Country Club in Westfield stay bare when heavy rain is in the forecast, even though the rain is good for the course. But on a perfect day like Sunday most people just want to be soaking up the sunshine and for once not the rain.

John Clark, from Holyoke, told 22News, “But as you can see today its beautiful out and I mean what else are you going to do on a Sunday afternoon?”

We are six days into August and already we have seen 1.3 inches of rain. Our average rainfall total for August is 3.6 inches.

A day on the golf course is also more enjoyable when there is low humidity and comfortable temperatures.

Mike Fuller, from Northampton, told 22News, “Its a good day for golf, we got really nice weather its windy so you have to control your ball but otherwise its really nice.”

Looking into the next couple of days western Massachusetts will be feeling more like early September than early August, thanks to temperatures below average.