Nearly 2,000 dead, neglected animals found in warehouse

Property owner was arrested on unrelated charges

Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) – A California Humane Society found nearly 2,000 birds and reptiles inside a warehouse.

Several agencies had to be called in to remove the animals.

The sight that traumatized a humane society investigator was in a business park, hidden by garage doors at 4650 Arrow Highway.

Hundreds of dead animals, and so many live ones, investigators are still counting them.

Silvia Lemus, a Humane Society investigator, said, “It was deplorable conditions. There were deceased animals, live animals trampling over one another. Cannibalism.”

Days after the discovery, crews were still removing animals.

Neighbors say the owner is Gregory Bowman, and they say his secret started unraveling last Friday. That’s when neighboring business owner Nasser Khoda says Bowman, for no reason, accused him of driving recklessly, and then assaulted him.

“I was trying to leave. I went in my vehicle. He ended up grabbing me by the bill of my hat and yanking my head down, and trying to grab the back on my head to throw it against the steering wheel,” said Khoda.

Khoda decided against pressing charges, but investigators say Montclair police found out Bowman had outstanding warrants. When they went to arrest him, they heard a strange sound and called the Inland Valley Humane Society.

Neighbors say bowman has been leasing the unit for a few years, but they believe he has been living there for the past few months. They say that’s when they noticed huge shipments of birds, and the smell worsened.

Bowman was arrested on an unrelated charge, but he could soon be facing animal cruelty charges.

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