“What a mess!” Trash left behind at Deerfield fishing area

Police to increase patrols in the area of Stillwater Bridge

Image Courtesy: Deerfield Police Department

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Police are increasing their patrols in a fishing area along the Deerfield River, after visitors have left trash behind.

The Deerfield Police Department posted on their official Facebook page that workers from the town’s DPW had to come and deal with all the rubbish at the Fish and Wildlife property near the Stillwater Bridge. Police say that the state does not have the staff nor the money to pay for frequent cleanups of the property.

Police will increase their patrols in the area, but cannot afford to station an officer there everyday.

Signage has been ordered to remind visitors that they need to clean up after themselves while visiting the property. Anyone who sees people littering and not picking up after themselves is encouraged to call Deerfield Police at (413) 665-2606.

Image Courtesy: Deerfield Police Department