Signs you should break up with your workout

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Do you dread working out? Well it might actually be time to break up with your workout! Lifestyle and Weight loss expert Carolyn Phillips from explained.

Signs you should break up with your workout

1. You’re dreading your workout time
Tons of options – From busting a move in a dance-based fitness class to heading out on the open water in a kayak, Or try out a new gym.

2. You’re Always Injured or Hurt
Extreme muscle soreness and tenderness is likely due to over training.
Over training will negatively impact your physical health through disturbed sleep patterns, loss of appetite and decreased performance.

3. You’ve Plateaued
As we train, our muscles and heart and even brain and nervous system adapt to the stresses we place on them. After this neural adaptation phase, you will find it harder to see results.
Increase time (duration), frequency (number of times per week), intensity (weight or resistance) or all of the above, though not all at once.

4. You Feel Burnt-Out
Includes symptoms such as irritability, depression and insomnia

5. You’re Gaining Weight (When Your Goal Is NOT to Gain)
Research shows that people who start an exercise or diet program often erode their positive gains by partaking in self-indulgent behavior.