Millennials enjoying the road with RV’s

Nearly 9 million households now own an RV

HATFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s not just baby boomers buying RV’s for their retirement these days.

Diamond RV in Hatfield told me more and more millennials like the idea of traveling with your home.

“The ability to go anywhere you want,” said Josh Fleming of South Hadley. “Drivable and movable. Really just being able to travel the country.”

According to the recreational vehicle industry association, RV ownership has reached record levels in the U.S.

Nearly 9 million households now own an RV.

And millennials are among those enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Diamond RV in Hatfield told 22News, over the last decade they’ve been seeing more people in their early 20’s and 30’s buying RVs.

“I’m second generation in this business and I’ve seen a lot of second and third generation customers coming in now,” said Marc LaBrecque, President of Diamond RV. “So, the children of the previous buyers are coming in now and they love the lifestyle.”

A lifestyle that starts at $13,000, and can go as high as half a million dollars to ride in high style.

“Now a days the technology in these things you can almost camp in them without any power,” said Josh Fleming of South Hadley. “So it’s allowing you to travel on a cheaper budget.”

Diamond RV told 22News millennials make up 40 percent of those sales, with most buying travel trailers which can attach to the back of your car.

They come equipped with a kitchenette and can sleep six people.

“Just that idea,” said Chris Monteiro of Amherst. “It’s a wonderful thought to be able to travel and have your home with you.”

According to the association, millennials now account for 87 percent of trailer sales.

Manufacturers expect to ship nearly a half a million RV’s this year.

Almost four percent more than last year.