Keep your garden healthy despite big changes in weather

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hot weather can hurt your plants, but you can take steps to keep them alive and thriving. When temperatures rise, plants get even thirstier, requiring extra attention.

“When the excessive heats comes I can see them fatiguing and failing,” Pam Ondrick told 22News. “So I have to intentionally water them more.”

But even with careful watering, some plants and veggies can suffer from heat stress if temperatures rise rapidly. You can avoid “root rot” by using a well-drained soil that contains clay to retain moisture for your plants.

16 Acres Garden Center Manager Steve Bordenuk told 22News that it’s best to check on your garden multiple times a day throughout the summer.

“Plants can get over-watered also; they like to be moist, but not sitting in water,” Bordenuk explained. “The optimum thing is to water them and let them dry out but not to the point that they die.”

Shading also improves the quality of your vegetables. Heat can attack your tomatoes, causing “blossom end rot,” where the bottoms of the tomatoes turn black. Providing the right amount of care can lessen that risk.

Bordenuk also said that it’s important not to give up on your plants. If one thing isn’t working, keep trying until you find something that does.