Auburn Police Department installs CO detectors in Ford SUV’s after leaks

Six officers were treated for poisoning.

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(WFXT/CNN) – The town of Auburn, Massachusetts, is installing carbon-monoxide detectors into all of its police cruisers.

That’s after elevated c-o levels were found in 13 Ford SUV’s, and six officers were treated for poisoning.

Julie Jacobson, Auburn Town Manager: “This isn’t a one day process, this is going to take time, and we want to make sure it’s done right.”

Auburn town leaders spent the day with ford engineers Thursday, testing more than a dozen police cruisers for carbon monoxide leaks.

The engineers had each ford explorer sit idle for at least 30 minutes, while also driving them at various speeds to see how dangerous the c-o levels could get..

Julie Jacobson, Auburn Town Manager: “These tests take a long time.”

The investigation began after six auburn police officers were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. One of them crashed his cruiser after passing out behind the wheel Wednesday.

Ford checks police cruisers for carbon monoxide levels

Chief Stephen Coleman, Auburn Fire and Rescue: “Even something as simple as cracking a window in the vehicle, if carbon monoxide is present will eliminate the presence of carbon monoxide.”

The Auburn fire department helped install carbon-monoxide detectors in every cruiser with a possible leak, while ford works to find a long-term solution to make sure all officers are safe.

Julie Jacobson, Auburn Town Manager: “no vehicles will be put back into service until we’re sure they’re 100 percent zero levels of co in those vehicles.”

At least two other police departments have had recent issues of suspected c-o leaks in their Ford SUV’s

Police in Austin and Galveston, Texas have pulled more than 400 of those vehicles from service.

Ford says it has not found elevated levels of the deadly gas in its regular explorers, but federal investigators are looking into possible leaks in more than a-million of those vehicles.

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