Another controversial video under FWC scrutiny, hammerhead shark shot, killed

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – Yet another controversial video is out there involving marine life and young men.

This time, instead of dragging a shark behind a speeding boat, this latest clip shows two young men using a gun to kill a hammerhead.

In the video, a young man brings a seven-foot hammerhead shark alongside a boat.

One man fires two shots, one right after the other, and the hammerhead is dead.

**WARNING: The video above may be difficult to watch for some viewers

News Channel 8 showed the video to experienced Sarasota Charter Fishing Captain, Wayne Genthner.

“Why kill something you were probably gonna release?” he asked.

Captain Genthner thinks the shark in the video is likely a female, which may have pups.

Meaning two dozen sharks may have died.