Will aliens return with the eclipse?

Some Kentucky residents believe the upcoming August 21st eclipse could trigger the return of extraterrestrials spotted on the same date in 1955.

(WMSV) A Kentucky family’s unusual claims sparked accusations of a hoax decades ago.

Now, that family is tied to the upcoming eclipse in a way that’s bringing widespread attention all over again.

“My daddy farmed all his life,” said Geraldine Sutton Stith, looking through old pictures alongside her brother, Elmer Sutton. “It’s just how it was. They were a farming family out in the country.”

Both Stith and Sutton said there’s a story that made a normal place and a normal man known to many – a story their father didn’t like to share.

“When he did, he’d turn white as a sheet,” said Sutton. “That’s how bad it scared that man.”

August 21, 1955 came long before Stith and Sutton were born. Their father, Lucky Sutton, was at his mother’s farm in Kelly.

“Eleven people were in the house that night,” said Stith. “Billy Ray wanted to go out and get some cold water. As he was out there, he looked up and going across the sky was this silver object. My dad says, ‘Take me out there. Show me where you saw this.’ It’s eerie. It’s quiet. It feels like something’s not right. That’s when my dad saw one of those beings.”

“They were three foot tall with pointed ears and oval eyes,” said Sutton. “There was something going on, and it wasn’t of this Earth.”

“They didn’t know what it was,” Stith continued. “Who would’ve? They thought maybe this was some kind of goblin from heck. They were frightened. They ran in the house, told everyone something was out there. The country boy instinct in him was to grab the gun and shoot. Ask questions later.”

Articles reported claims of a spaceship and little men.

Decades passed, but the story never truly faded. Then, a few years ago, it became known the area would be the primary viewing destination of the Great American Solar Eclipse.

The date of the eclipse, August 21, is the exact same date as the Sutton family story from 1955.

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