Clean up underway at smelly, abandoned house in West Springfield

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A problem property in West Springfield is finally being taken care of.

22News first told you about 19 Queen Avenue in West Springfield last year, when animals were trapped inside. We returned to that house this week after neighbors called us, complaining about a nasty odor coming from the now abandoned house, and a dead animal rotting on the property.

22News contacted the city ourselves, and on Thursday, the problem was finally being taken care of. Crews were mowing the lawn, cutting the branches, and gutting the inside of the house.

Neighbors on Queen Avenue in West Springfield had been complaining about a nasty stench coming from inside of the house, and a decaying animal left on the property for weeks.

Dan Robinson told 22News, he was pleasantly surprised when he looked outside, and saw the issues were being addressed. “Oh my God. They are finally doing something!”

Robert McRobbie told 22News, the cleanup has been a long time coming. “They’re finally here chopping down all of the weeds, after you guys had it on the news, I guess the bank decided they better do something,” he said.

22News attempted to call the bank that’s in charge of the property to find out why the cleanup has taken so long. So far, we’re still waiting for a call back.

West Springfield’s city attorney said they petitioned the housing court in June, and two banks have expressed interest in the property. The city is now waiting to hear their rehab plans.

The city attorney also said that the City Council is also considering a new property maintenance ordinance that would give the Blight Task Force more tools to address properties like this one.

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