Back Seat Danger: Unbuckled Passengers

New Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests show unbuckled backseat passengers increase the risk of serious injury for drivers.

(NBC News) The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released graphic video illustrating the perils of passengers not wearing a seat belt in the back seat.

It shows what happens at impact when a car is going just 35 miles per hour.

“The rear seat passenger flies forward in the crash, hitting the back of the driver’s seat, pushing the driver into the seat belt and the steering wheel,” says IIHS Senior Research Engineer Jessica Jermakian.

Drivers are twice as likely to be fatally injured when an unbuckled, rear seat passenger comes flying forward.

“When you don’t buckle up in the back seat, it puts not only yourself in at risk, but it also puts other people in the vehicle at risk,” Jermakian says.

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